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Postman: Authorization Guid stopped working

Today after adding a connector via elisctl, I cannot use my sign in info to pull the queueId from the api anymore...
I can get the Authentication token from https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/auth/login
(with user and pass in the body returning "key": "1234567890abcdef")
Then I use "Authorization": "1234567890abcdef" as the only value in the headers, the cookies match the login post request, everything is concurrent with the rossum postman example, except I still get a status 401 unauthorized
https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/queues?page_size=1 <-- the url i try to get the queueId from
"detail": "Authentication credentials were not provided.",
"code": "not_authenticated"
Please help, this is really frustrating :/