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Transform "terms" from string to a number?

Hi, I'm trying to convert the string field "terms" to a new property called "payment_terms_in_days". How can implement this in Rossum? This article says to use Value Transformations but I don't see how: <https://rossum.ai/help/article/date-calculation-extension/>

Get the PDF file as Encoded format

Hi Team, Is there way get the original PDF file as base64 encoded format using API calls. If yes, then How can i do that Thanks in advance.

Payload/Upload Size limits

Hello, I saw in your list of supported error response codes that your API calls can potentially return 413 if payload size is too big (e.g. uploads). I did not see anywhere in the documentation what the upload size limits are. Is this something you can provide specs on? Thank you

Current API Rate Limits

Hello, I saw in your list of supported error response codes that your API calls can potentially return 429 for when there are too many requests per minute. I was not able to locate anywhere in the documentation any details about current API request rate limits. Is this something we can get some details and specs on? e.g. are the limits on a per API call basis, or is it overall calls to API? etc.... Thank you,

Is there any document guidelines to process through AI engine??

I have invoice receipt and retail bills, which are noisy and few are not readable

Automatically rename files

Is it possible to create an extension script to automatically rename my files to a unique field value after confirmation? If so what would the general logic of that function look like? Thanks!

How to get usage report for total pages consumed through API ?

We used the API <https://elis.rossum.ai/api/v1/annotations/usage_report> for getting the total document consumed per month. Is there any way we could get the Total pages used per month through any API call or passing a specific parameter to the above API URL?

How do you check if an invoicehas been back dated

I'm trying to use the value operations extension to check if the `date_issue` field is less than the documents `arrived_by` date. I.e. is the invoice backdated? The extension has no trouble finding the `date_issue` field but it is not able to find the `arrived_by` field I presume because it's in the documents metadata rather than the documents rir fields. Do you know a way of of referencing the documents `arrived_by` field when doing value operations. My value operations config currently looks like this: ```json json { "operations": [ { "condition": "{arrived_by} > {date_issue}", "target_field": "backdated", "default_value": "Yes", "condition_false_default_value": "No" } ] } ``` This results in this error: ``` Schema ID 'arrived_by' not found in the document in Value Operations configuration: {'condition': '{arrived_by} > {date_issue}', 'target_field': 'backdated', 'default_value': 'Yes', 'condition_false_default_value': 'No'} ``` Any ideas?

Can we Split a document automatically with some logics written, using Document splitting extension?

Hi, we are trying to automate the document splitting based on some logics. We see that the document splitting extension helps the user to manually split the document. We want some solution to automate this document splitting process to be done automatically once user uploads a file to the queue. Kindly suggest us some solution.

Unable to connect to SFTP with Export to SFTP Server extension

Hi, We are trying to upload the exported documents to an SFTP server. But we land to an error "HTTP error". We checked the credentials for the SFTP and it was correct and also the path was correct. Still we couldn't able to connect and upload the documents. Suggest us some solution for this issue.