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Automatic routing of documents among different queues

Can rossum perfrom Automatic routing of documents among different queues based on certain conditions? For e.g. If Invoice Total is above 50k it should route automatically to XYZ queue. Can we build such mechanism with Rossum?

Extract data with specific color in PDF

Can Rossum extract data with specific color in PDF. For e.g. I only want to extract line items with Red fonts and ignore Blue, Black etc. Is there a way to do so with Rossum

How to change email ID in my Rossum account?

How to change email ID in my Rossum account?

You haven't uploaded any datasets yet.

In Set up a matching Field how to uploade dataset.

Data matching import request format

Hi Can you point me to an example of how the multipart request for the data matching import API should be structured? (https://data-matching.elis.rossum.ai/api/v1/documentation) I try sending a multipart request with one part called "payload" containing dataset, encoding and matching_code_column and one part called "files" containing the binary data from my CSV, but the response indicates "Missing data for required field" on the payload parameters so the API is not reading the payload part of the request. An example showing the raw multipart structure you are expecting would help a lot. Thanks Andrew

download document with CURL

To integrate Rosum in our application I need to download the pdf document to attach it. How can I download a pdf document using a CURL statement?

How to block being able to confirm a document using serverless extension

We've tried to block the possiblity to confirm a document from several events without result yet. What we tried : - Add a custom error message - Take a field type score and set the value of rir_confidence below the threshold Here's the documentation we based our trials : https://developers.rossum.ai/docs/automation-rules-overview Is there a way to that using serverless extensions ? Thanks

Soap request from a serverless extension

Hi, we need to do a soap request from a serverless extension in node.js. Is there a way to do it ? Did you install librairies to do that ? If not it is possible to add one ? Thanks

API Reference Requests

Hi, iam currently playing around with Rossum with a trial account. Iam also looking into API Integration. For most of the POST endpoints it seems there is documentation missing showing what attributes i can send with that post (e.g. Create a user). It is not clear if the provided curl example is showing all of the available attributes. I wonder if there is some sort of more complete documentation or even a OpenAPI spec available ? Thank you, Stefan

How filter get function

Good morning I§ve been trying to filter data received from get function according the the annotation ID. I implemented the code according to sample codes from your web but still not getting the desired output. This is the code response = client.get( f"queues/{QUEUE_ID}/export?format=json&" f"status=exported&" f"exported_at_after={date_start.isoformat()}&" f"page_size=100&page=1&" f"id = 9600463" Instead of getting the annotation 9600463 data the response content is all exported annotation exported after the date_start variable.