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Purchase orders export from PDF to Sage

hi I did not see a Sage connector in the extension store Where we we start to get our purchase orders exported into sage (100/200) Many thx

Exported annotation data to be sent as an email in raw data format or xlsx format.

We have a use case where, user sends a set of documents via email and after the documents are processed in Rossum the output data should be sent back to the same sender. The output data can be a raw data or it can be generated as an excel. The requirement is we need to send the output data back to the sender through email. Are there any possible ways this can be handled in Rossum?

How can we send a copy of a processed document to another queue?

We have a scenario where the document is processed in one queue and the processed document should be copied to another without moving it from the primary queue. Can we re-route the document without re-processing (AI-engine) document?

How can I export original file with Zapier?

I have created the Zap integration with Podio, but when I tried to fetch original file from Rossum, I am getting an error, because I am not authorized to access the file via API link. Is there any workaround for that?

Only retrieve documents from a specific queue & status

Hi there, is it possible to only list the documents from a specific queue and with a specific status though GET https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/documents ? Thanks!

Multiple validation extensions?

Hi, I have an extension that uses a webhook to validate two fields, say A and B. This extension is called on Document content- Initialize and User update. I noticed that if I return a successful message from my webhook (say when B is changed), this removes the earlier message (type: error) that A is invalid. Is there a way to get existing messages to the webhook, so that I can append to the messages array? Or do I need to handle multiple validations everytime the webhook is called? Use case: Document Initialized A="" B="" User update: A="123" (Error message shown) B="" User update: A="123" [no message] B="abc" (Info message shown)

Values to trigger Value transformation

Hi team, When using "action_condition" in Value transformation extension, I would like to know if it's possible to have several possible values triggering the action conditions. Thanks in advance, JR

Exporting original document (ie PDF file)

Through the API, how can I retrieve the original document loaded into rossum? Using postman I'm receiving {"detail":"You do not have permission to perform this action.","code":"permission_denied"} when calling v1/documents/{id}/content

Automatic routing of documents among different queues

Can rossum perfrom Automatic routing of documents among different queues based on certain conditions? For e.g. If Invoice Total is above 50k it should route automatically to XYZ queue. Can we build such mechanism with Rossum?

Extract data with specific color in PDF

Can Rossum extract data with specific color in PDF. For e.g. I only want to extract line items with Red fonts and ignore Blue, Black etc. Is there a way to do so with Rossum