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Units used for position and rir_position

Hi, I wonder how are calculated units for output document (after processing) for fields: position and rir_position? Can you point to some documentation, how they are calculated from original file? I've tried to find some documentation on this topic, but with no success. If files (pdf, jpg, png, ...) are always converted and normalized first? They how they relate to original pixels? Thank you in advance for clarifying this topic. Best, Marcin

How to delete queues and workspaces?

Once created, how can we eliminate queues and workspaces from our accounts?

webhook with xml ann

Hi, I would like to define a webhook which send data in XML instead of JSON. Is it possible ? Thanks for your answer

Embedded Document Error

I attach an rossum iframe into my app. I'm sure token and document id is correct. But I always got REVIEW TIME EXPIRED error. Please check screenshot below: https://imgur.com/a/xaCabXO Do you guys know what cause this problem?

Get Queue ID in Documents Endpoint

So when I make request to curl -H 'Authorization: token {token}' https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/documents I got result like: ``` { "pagination": { "total": 5, "total_pages": 1, "next": null, "previous": null }, "results": [ { "id": 123, "url": "https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/documents/1232", "s3_name": "123123123", "email": null, "mime_type": "application/pdf", "creator": null, "created_at": "2021-08-27T07:59:43.188876Z", "arrived_at": "2021-08-27T07:59:43.188876Z", "original_file_name": "Sample Invoice.pdf", "content": "https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/documents/123/content", "metadata": {}, "annotations": ["https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/annotations/123132"] } ] } ``` My question is how to get queue data for these document? I can resolve this by make request to email endpoint but 1) it's not efficient, 2) not every document has email data.

Non pdf/img attachments of email

Hello, I am trying to implement webhook that can handle converting non pdf/img (EDI files) attachments to pdf. The problem for me is that informations about non pdf/img files are not included in the info send to the webhook. Is there a way that I can get info about those attached files ? Best, Tomas

Extract data from email body

Our invoices emailed to Rossum often contain a keyword/categorizer in the email body.. These are part of a set list including HEX200, TECH100, etc. Is there a way to extract this as an additional capture field in rossum? Thanks, Charlie

API key to call Rossum API from webhooks

Hi, I don't see the attribute "rossum_authorization_token" in the webhook payload I receive, so here is my question: Is "rossum_authorization_token" passed only in some cases? In https://api.elis.rossum.ai/docs/#access-to-rossum-api, it is said that a "Rossum API key is passed to webhooks as a first-level attribute rossum_authorization_token within the webhook payload". However, I don't see this "rossum_authorization_token" in the payload that my webhook receives for "user_update" and "export" actions of "annotation_content" events (I did not check for other kind of events). I would like to make API calls in the "export" event using this key. Am I understanding the documentation incorrectly?

Rossum stopped working in iFrame

We display the Rossum interface in an iFrame as part of a larger web app. Today, we started to receive this when calling the app. "embedded.elis.rossum.ai refused to connect." dev tools shows Refused to display 'https://embedded.elis.rossum.ai/' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'. Has Rossum changed the way they allow their app to be displayed in the browser??? How do we set it back, currently all environments including production are down because of it.

Change Schema ID but Preserve Data

Is it possible to rename the schema id for a field without losing the already-trained data? For example, if I had a field with a schema id of "po_number" and I wanted to rename it to just be "po". The API documentation says "In order to transfer annotation field values properly during the schema update, a datapoint's category and schema_id must be preserved." so it looks like the answer is "no". Is this correct?