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Postman shows a CSRF error when using the Rossum API

When using the Rossum API for data capture with Postman, I'm getting this error for any HTTP request after a login: ``` { "detail": "CSRF Failed: Referer checking failed - no Referer.", "code": "permission_denied" } ```

Postman: Authorization Guid stopped working

Today after adding a connector via elisctl, I cannot use my sign in info to pull the queueId from the api anymore... I can get the Authentication token from https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/auth/login (with user and pass in the body returning "key": "1234567890abcdef") Then I use "Authorization": "1234567890abcdef" as the only value in the headers, the cookies match the login post request, everything is concurrent with the rossum postman example, except I still get a status 401 unauthorized https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/queues?page_size=1 <-- the url i try to get the queueId from { "detail": "Authentication credentials were not provided.", "code": "not_authenticated" } Please help, this is really frustrating :/

API via username/password still state of the art?

I am making a quick evaluation of the API with my test account using Python https://developers.rossum.ai/docs/python-for-uploading-data-in-rossum-api I always get a 401 response with my credentials that I use for the web login

Cannot access api.elis.rossum.ai from SAP

Hello, I installed all 3 certificates from SSL chain in api.elis.rossum.ai (Root, Let's Encrypt and *.rossum.ai). However I keep getting an error : SSL PEER NOT TRUSTED, I am able to access rossum.ai but neither elis.rossum.ai nor api.elis.rossum.ai. Is there any other pre-requisite in order to make this work ? Thank you, Hicham

Setting a document's metadata

I'm wondering how to set metadata for a document. The "Example metadata in a document object" section in the documentation (https://api.elis.rossum.ai/docs/#metadata) shows an example of a document with metadata, but I can't seem to figure out how to set it programmatically via the API. I noticed that in the upload endpoint documentation, there is an example of providing "extra" information (see below), and I've tried a handful of variations to the syntax here to no avail. ``` curl -H 'Authorization: token db313f24f5738c8e04635e036ec8a45cdd6d6b03' \ -F [email protected] \ -F values='{"upload:organization_unit":"Sales"}' \ 'https://api.elis.rossum.ai/v1/queues/8236/upload' ```

Uploading an Image

I am trying to upload a pdf by hitting the upload endpoint with a post request. I have tried sending in bytes and Base64, neither of which have worked. How should the http request be formatted?

How do I find my secret key?

Trying to set up sample Box Skill

Integer Number Format without Spaces or Commas

According to the docs, the available number formats are "# ##0,#", "# ##0.#", "#,##0.#", "# ##0", and "#,##0". Is there a way to capture data of the form "###"? A number that is just an integer; no decimals, spaces, or commas? The issue with the other formats is that if I restrict the length (using a length constraint), the required length has to be 1 more than the actual number length to accommodate the space. Let's say I want to detect a datapoint that is always 6 digits. If a document contains the text "123456", it would be formatted by Rossum as "123 456". This means that I would need to have an "exact length" constraint of 7. However, if a user manually types in "123456" (without spaces), it would then be considered invalid because it is too short. The error message displayed is "The required length is 7", which is confusing for users because the datapoint that is supposed to be captured should only have 6 digits.

How to delete queues and workspaces?

Once created, how can we eliminate queues and workspaces from our accounts?

Python Support

Did rossum remove its python support ? Not able to use the python library