Regular Data Export from Rossum API

In the web app, you may download the captured data for all documents so far by going to the Confirmed tab and pressing the Download button at the bottom. (CSV, JSON and XML data formats are supported.) When setting up an integration workflow, it is necessary to set up the download so that it happens regularly, not just as a one-off export.

The easiest approach is by accessing a special URL to download documents in a given time range. To regularly export data, we recommend simply export documents that were exported in the respective time range - for example, executing it every day at 3 am, covering data exported the calendar day before.

This URL can be accessed manually, or the process can be automated using an RPA tool - especially if the downstream system needs to be accessed through a local desktop. If you need to get the data to a different cloud service, Zapier is an even simpler alternative - we have an example Zap to handle regular exports.

Are you a developer? The special URL is, in fact, part of the API, but downloading data from it is easy. Check out the code examples in various languages listed in the right sidebar! Most examples do not handle pagination explicitly, but the PHP example does.

A more advanced option is using the webhook extension to export data to downstream systems in real time.