Uploading Documents in Rossum API

Several options exist for uploading documents into the Rossum platform: manual upload using the app, email-based import, automatic import and API-based import.

Manual Upload

To get started quickly, manual upload is the perfect option – simply click the Import button in the app, and select the files to upload.

It is important to note, however, that the manual import is not designed for large amounts of documents. If you have more than 100 documents to upload in bulk, defer to one of the other upload methods below.

Email Import

Rossum can ingest PDF and image attachments of emails as documents. This is a popular method for companies directly handling their supplier traffic in Rossum. Simply forward documents to the email address shown on the upload screen shown above.

Rossum will pick out any attachments it is able to process as documents. It will try to filter out image attachments that are just banners or obviously unrelated. Importantly, Rossum will not process the body of the email itself – HTML documents are not processed.

Automatic Import

To automate the import process when an email will not do (for example binding the import to a shared drive upload), you can use Zapier if the source system is also in cloud – we have an example upload Zap. If the source system needs to be accessed by a local desktop, an RPA workflow is the easiest option.

API Import

The ultimate method for importing documents is using the upload API. The API documentation has not just a detailed reference but also a quick start guide to upload your first document using the API. Check out the code examples in various languages listed in the right sidebar!